Shrimp RAS system

Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) are used in home aquaria and for fish production where water exchange is limited and the use of biofiltration is required to reduce ammonia toxicity.[1] Other types of filtration and environmental control are often also necessary to maintain clean water and provide a suitable habitat for fish.[2] The main benefit of RAS is the ability to reduce the need for fresh, clean water while still maintaining a healthy environment for fish. To be operated economically commercial RAS must have high fish stocking densities, and many researchers are currently conducting studies to determine if RAS is a viable form of intensive aquaculture

Project Name: Marine shrimp recirculating aquaculture system
Completed: 2016

Landscape Projects: China

For high value Aquaculture projects, due to the environmental protection pressure increasing, electricity and water treatment expenditure according for a large proportion of the total cost, the BLUE-ECO intelligent filtering system, greatly reducing the emissions of sewage treatment, and add new water, avoid persistent pollution to the environment, reduce the water replenishment process caused by bacteria and the pest, greatly reduce the risk of aquaculture, can cultivation the inland and sea aquaculture products.

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