Indoor koi pond

Landscape Projects has developed a reputation for innovative and attractive parks and open spaces. The practice has been closely involved in the new wave of parks associated with recent urban regeneration initiatives in many of our major cities including Manchester and Sheffield, and has been shortlisted in several park design competitions.

Through research and experience the practice has developed an understanding of how people interact in open space; how they can find a sense of tranquillity in a busy city, and how spatial design can encourage interaction and promote social cohesion.

High quality park and open spaces have a direct impact on land values; The principles of safe, secure design, where careful consideration of visibility and passive surveillance influence design decisions, has resulted in very low levels of anti-social behavior.

Project Name: Dong Guan Tower Twin Landscape pond
Completed: 2015

A Dongguan Tower Twin-pools, 75.000L water volume, the original brush filter tank was 1.8*1*0.95m and pumped into the upper pool for circulation, the water looks bad, too many algae. BLUE-ECO reformed it to automatic water filtration system to ensure good water quality.
Filter system configuration

  1. Water-Driven Rotary Drum Filter

The capacity is 60,000L per hours, the filtration standard is 80micron and can automatic out. And inside the drum filter install the UV light, it can effective elimination of bacteria in water. Keep the water clean.

  1. Biochemical filtration

BLUE-ECO Bubble Bead Filter, the capacity is 900gram food per day. Special design of surface, stronger bio-film growth capacity; Large specific surface area, high voidage, the more periphy-ton biomass;

  1. Water Cycle unit

BLUE-ECO water pump, Energy efficient high performance whisper quiet running and low vibration long life trouble-free work.


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