About us

Aquscience designs and produces the only system which fully automatic working without maintains, owns a lot of patents of intelligent filtration system. It revolutionary changed the traditional way of intercepting filter into real-time sewage filtering, avoiding continuous water pollutions.It has many fantastic features like high efficiency, super intelligent, quiet, ultra-low energy consumption, no human daily maintains requires and corrosion-resistance. The whole system consists with BLUE-ECO intelligent Pump, Drum Filter, and Bubble Bead Filter. It can remove all solid wastes bigger than 10micron and reduce the resolved ammonia, NO2- , NO3- , etc., to establish and keep a good bio-cycling system.

The company specializes in designing, production the most efficient and energy-saving Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM) drive pump and the integrated design of motor/pump. Using many our owned patents of high efficient impeller pumping system, work with adjustable speed and programmable intelligent controller, Aquscience developed full series of professional water pump production lines from 10w~2200w, professionally serve for swimming pool, the large-scale aquarium , fresh /marine water, high-end Koi pond, and horticulture.

Since 2007 BLUE-ECO has been the Number One European brand and led the leading technology all over the world.

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