• Post time: Jan-13-2021

    Everyone knows that the filter production and sales industry is relatively new in our country. Therefore, the development situation is not very perfect, and many problems have been encountered. Therefore, today we will predict the future for you from the current situation of the filter industry. ...Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post time: Oct-15-2020

    New Developed Small capacity 10~20m³/H automatic drum filter has been revealed. It’s a new, long life, full automatic drum filter to meet the demand for small pond, 10~60,000L. The material is SUS316L stainless steel, can be used for both fresh and marine. It’s reliable and long last...Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post time: Jun-13-2018

    Just a share from the JT : It’s a so attract creature in the water. Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post time: May-18-2018

     TSS (Total Suspended Solids) removal is probably considered as the first important treatment to be done in a system. Turbidity is the most visible criteria on water parameter and particles are the primary responsible for it. Consequently, the simplest system will consist on particles removal at ...Irakurri gehiago »

  • Post time: Feb-06-2018

    Dear all customers: We are going to be in long holidays from 8Th to 26Th February. During this period, please contact us via: or Whats’APP & WeChat & Mobile: +86 18665197388 We will get back to you soon. B.Regards! and Happy New Year!   Irakurri gehiago »

  • filtrazio News
    Post denbora: Abu-10-2015

    Industria albisteak eta filtrazio Micronics adituek gertaerak, Inc Micronics likido / bereizketa solidoa aditua eta iragazkia zapi mundu osoan autoritate bat, edozein iragazkia prentsa aplikazio optimizatzeko kritikoa. Micronics egoera-de-la-art filtrazio fabrikazio landareak ditu Portsmouth, ...Irakurri gehiago »

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